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Wir sind im Urlaub und wieder ab dem 15. Oktober für Euch da. Bis dahin schaut Euch gerne um, ab dem 16. Oktober versenden wir wieder. Danke für Euer Verständnis.

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Discover the magnetic golf balls

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Functional. Extraordinary. Innovative.

Für Golfer Anker

Have you always wanted to optimize your putting?
Thanks to our magnetic golf balls, you will immediately receive feedback if:



At home or on the putting green.

masterPUTT improves your putts, is fun and belongs in every golf bag.

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As decoration golf balls for :

• refrigerators

• any iron in your bag

• magnetic boards

Thanks to the strong neodymium magnet, our magballs stick to all magnetic surfaces (and offer extremly strong hold).

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magballs Shop

In our SHOP you will find:

magnetic golf balls (decoration) and the masterPUTT - practice golf balls for putting

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magball für Golf Clubs
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Finally a magnetic golf ball with your logo
• for members
• for green fee players
• at home on the refrigerator
• for the magnetic board
• or on any iron as a lucky charm


Normaly purchased logo balls will sooner or later and up
in a glass vase and loose there memory value for YOUR target group.

This does not happen with our magballs - whether club members or green fee players. All golfers will be thrilled. Finally a golf ball with another and important feature.


For example: Order our starter set with 150 magnetic logo balls including counter dispencer.


Please contact us for further information:

The added value for YOU. The added value for YOUR target group.

magballs Hotel undReiseveranstalter

magballs for golf hotels and tour operators

    magnetic golf balls with YOUR logo. Surprising for your guests.

     Finally a magnetic golf ball with your logo

Surprise your golfing guests with a completely individual souvenir - your own magball.

Your guests come into your beautiful hotel room, go into the bathroom and see this extraordinary golf gadget hanging on the mirror ideally with a personal welcome card.
Your guests will be thrilled and will look forward

to there next visit.


You want to be permanently remembered

by your golfing target group?

Our magnetic golf balls are the perfect solution.

The synergy between sport and permanent 

advertising. magballs don´t get lost, they stick on refrigerators, the flipchart in the office and serve as mobile/cell phone holders. Directly, subtly and permanently in front of YOUR target group. This is how marketing works best.

Try it. For further information please contact us:

The added value for YOU is the added value for YOUR target group.

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magballs Sponsoren
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magballs for sponsors

magnetic golf balls with YOUR logo. The WOW effect for your customers.

The welcome gift "3 logo balls" makes only limited sense.


      • they have a short lifespan because:

      - they end up in the rough

      - they end up in the water

      - and the last one in the shallows of the golf bag


We have the solution for you. Just give a logo ball at the beginning and surprise your customers with a magball at the evening event

How so:

      • From 72 or more guests approx. 6 - 8 people receive prices

             -> the remaining guests applaud cautiously and leave empty-handed


BUT NOT WITH OUR magballs!

Give all participants a lasting memory after the award ceremony. Your magballs will play with your golfers. Directly at the table you can try out everything that is magnetic. At home or in the office you hang on refrigerators, flipcharts or monitors.

Permanent and sustainable advertising effect for your company. And that already from 150 golf balls. Or combine your magballs with the added value of the masterPUTT training balls .

Give it a try. For further information please contact us.


The added value for YOU is the added value for your target group.

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Videos und Interviews

... über uns und unsere feedbackPUTT-Trainingsbälle


Partner sind wertvoll. Daher empfehlen wir Euch mit guten Gewissen:

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